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What does it take to transcribe audio to text?  Any good transcription company acknowledges the fact that transcription itself is a skill, requiring an extremely high attention to detail both in hearing and in typing. 

That said, transcribing audio to text is neither simple typing nor is it ever a one-pass listen to a recording. The labor-intensive, time-consuming process of transcription makes transcription services an ever-growing necessity in today's world of busy corporate professionals, busy professors and instructors, busy students, and the like.

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At 1-888-TYPE-IT-UP we take pride in making everything more efficient and easy for you so that you can focus on your work and get back to doing what you love. That's why to date we've transformed thousands of audio files into 99%+ accurate representations of the spoken word.  

If you're new to transcribing audio, you probably -- and understandably so -- have a few initial questions.

1) Firstly, how much does it cost? We've structured our pricing more fairly than any other company. To this end, we keep things straightforward -- without caveats -- allowing for realistic turnaround times that ensure proper time for quality assurance. If you'd rather skip the professional treatment and simply gain access to our freelancers, we provide this service ("Draft Transcripts") too. Our multiple price points offer a range of quality -- from Draft to Premium to even an Ultra option unavailable elsewhere, ensuring we offer something for everyone as well as prices for any budget.

2) Secondly, how long does it take to transcribe audio to text? Believe it or not, one hour of audio generally requires a full workday to transcribe. We always encourage our clients to try just a few minutes of transcribing on their own so they can truly grasp the value of our service. In a sense, we trade time for money, but we also save you the painstaking task of what accurate transcription really entails. Any individual or service can produce paraphrased documents, but we consistently find that clients come to us when they truly care about quality verbatim output.

So how long will it take? Despite the lengthy process of transcription, we actually let you determine the speed of turnaround. In fact, we offer more turnaround options than any other online transcription service. However, as with any product you order from just about anywhere, faster delivery times cost more. You may find transcription services online that advertise quick turnaround, but their terms also include several caveats to extend that turnaround (e.g. difficult audio, large file sizes, recordings longer than one hour in length, etc.). Furthermore, without rush fees and higher prices in general, our competitors can never cover the cost for a second listen to your audio to ensure accuracy. 

3) How do I get started? It's easy! Unlike other transcription services, we've eliminated the need for pesky account creations, login details, FTP sites and other nuisances. With just five quick questions pertaining to your contact info and formatting preferences, you can be on your way to eliminating the stress and time-consuming process of transcribing audio to text. In just two minutes, you can place your order and get back to doing what you love.

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