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Unlike any other SEO company on the Internet, we are both a search engine marketing company and a writing services company. Content creation -- both offsite and onsite -- is at the forefront of any effective SEO campaign. With combined expertise in both marketing and writing, we understand how to optimize your website and how to craft well-written content that increases your Web traffic and converts your visitors             to paying customers.



Our SEO Story

In the early years of our company when we only sold transcription and writing services, we hired multiple SEO companies to increase our search engine rankings. The first company we hired delivered results surprisingly quickly, landing us on the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo! for numerous keywords. Unfortunately, the honeymoon period didn't last when we discovered the company we were using had engaged in low-quality tactics. We hired a second company, only to find their tactics worse than the first company. We then hired a third, more expensive company that had ranked its own site on the first page of Google for the competitive keyword SEO services. Thinking this vendor must be credible given how well it had ranked its own site, we were horrified to discover the changes the company made to our website. It became evident to us that despite charging expensive rates, the company must have outsourced its SEO overseas, as its SEO team had littered our website with spelling errors, punctuation errors, grammatical mistakes, poorly written sentences and arbitrary extra spacing between words. In fact, the vendor even spelled our company name incorrectly. After this third failed experience, we decided to pull back and re-evaluate. At first, we did nothing, but with time we decided that rather than remaining frustrated by our experience, we could learn from it instead. We responded by building a search engine marketing team of our own so that we could help other frustrated businesses.

We realize that our decision to bring SEO in house and offer SEO services to other companies isn't something that most other businesses can do. After all, the need to hire an SEO vendor is usually a matter of limited resources. SEO is time-consuming work that requires numerous team members, but when done properly, you can undoubtedly grow your business through increased web exposure. For us, we realized that we already had the writing talent necessary to complement our marketing efforts. With search engine optimization, content is king, both onsite and offsite, and you absolutely need quality content if you want to be found on the Web. Our 100 percent U.S.-based staff can create engaging, compelling content for your website, and we can also build contextual authoritative links surrounded by high-quality, industry-related content offsite to increase your search engine rankings.

If you've been burned by other SEO companies, we understand your frustration and the setbacks you may have endured. Simply put, there's often no one better who can empathize and help your situation than another company who's experienced something similar. Our dual talents in both search engine marketing and writing services make us the vendor of choice for clients who understand the need for unique, well-written, high-quality content. Moreover, we genuinely care about growing your business with you. There's nothing more rewarding to us than seeing our clients succeed, and SEO services are paramount to business success in today's ever-growing online market.


  1. We have expertise in both marketing and writing. Unlike any other SEO company, we offer marketing services and writing services. This means our clients experience a unique benefit when choosing our services over others; not only are our SEO campaigns managed by experienced search engine marketing professionals but our skilled writing staff also ensures the content we craft for you is compelling and effective. While other SEO companies often lack the writing talent to write anything more than generic, poorly written articles, our team can craft well-written, engaging content that search engines love.

  2. One hundred percent U.S. based. Always. While other SEO companies typically offshore content creation overseas for cheaper labor costs, you can rest assured with 1-888-TYPE-IT-UP that we perform all work here in the United States. This is incredibly important if you're seeking a quality SEO provider. To rank well in Google, Bing and Yahoo!, you will need well-written, unique content on your website, but you'll also need contextual authoritative links surrounded by well-written, unique content offsite.

  3. No contracts required. SEO does take time to see results, but we don't require contracts like most SEO companies do. We do offer a discount for six-month contracts, so the choice is yours. Whichever your preference, we are happy to accommodate.

  4. Results driven. We deliver page 1 rankings for competitive keywords, effectively increasing exposure for your website. Better yet, we can also aid in content creation for your website to convert your website visitors into paying customers. While other SEO companies will focus exclusively on increasing your rankings, we understand that an effective SEO campaign delivers increased, quality traffic that also converts.

  5. White-hat SEO techniques. While we honestly believe that anything you do to increase your site rankings is not entirely white hat as you are making an effort to manipulate search-engine results, our techniques do prove Panda safe, Penguin safe and Hummingbird safe. Some SEO companies may deliver results in the short term with spammy link tactics, while others create low-quality content that eventually becomes de-indexed, causing you to lose the links you need to rank well. We never use spammy links, and we ensure the content we create for you will last for the long term.

  6. Dedicated, 24/7/365 support. Our SEO managers are always ready to help, 24/7/365. You can reach us by phone, email or live chat, even on weekends and holidays.

  7. Transparent, honest evaluations. While we wish we could help everyone, we are selective when working with clients. Our first step in working with you is to assess your website. Once we review your site, we will provide a free, honest evaluation on whether we can help you. We genuinely care about your success, and if we don't feel we can bring significant value, we will recommend others who can and/or suggest changes you can make to improve the state of your website.

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