Do you give sermons on a regular basis or happen to work for a religious organization that does? If so, are you looking for a way to better reach your congregation? 1-888-TYPE-IT-UP can help. We've worked with numerous pastors, churches and other religious organizations over the years, and our clients have consistently found that transcribing their sermons transforms their ability to reach others.

With sermon transcription you ensure your congregation never misses a word of your message. Of course, this applies not only to those who attended your sermon but also to your parishioners who were not present. Sermon transcription also makes it possible for you to have a global reach rather than just a local one. With the assistance of technology and the Internet, you can publish your sermon transcripts online, engaging with religious audiences both near and far. 

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In addition to expanding your reach, sermon transcription allows you to keep a written record of your sermons, thus creating a catalog of your sermons over time. By maintaining written records of your sermons rather than just audio recordings of them, you can review and reference past sermons easily and quickly at any time.

Transcripts of your sermons also aid your efforts in refining and fine-tuning your message in future sermons. By having a written record of your sermons, you can review your own sermons at any time to ensure you've clearly communicated to your congregation. For example, if you find your parishioners asking a lot of questions or not fully grasping your recent sermon, you can review the sermon transcript to find sections that call for clarification and/or further exploration. 

With the numerous benefits of sermon transcription, you might be wondering, why choose 1-888-TYPE-IT-UP for your transcription service needs? In working with several pastors and religious organizations over the years, we've found a common theme among our religious clients: the need for accuracy as well as a transcription company whose principles align with their own. As one of the very few remaining 100% U.S.-based transcription companies, we can ensure the accuracy that your sermon transcripts demand, and we will also dedicate ourselves to researching every Biblical and religious term that lesser transcription services may not. Our 100% U.S.-based transcriptionists and editors craft every transcript with the utmost care, and we understand the importance of accurately capturing your message for your parishioners. After all, when it comes to sermon transcription, the slightest error could undermine your message or change it entirely, and selecting the most accurate transcription service is paramount.


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