Do you regularly create podcasts for Web syndication or online streaming? At 1-888-TYPE-IT-UP we know that podcasts come from all types of individuals, including public broadcasters, commercial broadcasters, prominent celebrities and independent podcasters. Because podcasts come in all shapes and sizes and from a variety of people, there is also a huge demand and need for accurate podcast transcription.

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Podcasts can be especially powerful because they tell stories. However, within the power of storytelling lies one problem -- not everyone can enjoy stories through audio and video. Podcast transcription services help fill this gap in storytelling. While it may not seem true on the surface, the written word can be just as powerful as audio and video. When podcasters provide transcripts, they not only ensure that their listeners hear every word, but they also make their content consumable by the deaf community and those who cannot play audio on their computers. For those who can play audio, the written word reinforces everything discussed in your podcast.

Another often overlooked but certain benefit of podcast transcription: podcast transcripts improve the search optimization of your website. Google rewards experts in their fields who are also content creators. Regularly adding new podcasts to your site ensures you're adding fresh content, but publishing transcripts with your podcasts offers the search engines the written text they need to index your content.

Finally, podcast transcripts convey a sense of professionalism and seriousness about your work, as they make it clear that you're going the extra mile to make your content readily available.

In short, podcast transcription makes your content instantly accessible and easy for your audience to consume. After all, skimming, searching and even reading content is often quicker than listening to and/or watching an entire audio or video session.

Why not give our podcast transcription services a try? We're confident that after publishing your first podcast transcript, you'll never want to release another podcast without a transcript again. 


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