1-888-TYPE-IT-UP is a proud provider of highly sought-after and highly accurate focus group transcription services. Focus groups demand some of the most time-consuming and challenging of transcription efforts, but we're always ready to tackle even the most complex of material.

If you're new to transcription, you may be wondering what makes focus groups so much more challenging to transcribe than an average two-speaker interview. For starters, while a typical hour-long one-on-one interview transcript may contain 8,000 words, focus groups often contain as many as 16,000 words in just one hour of audio. Of course, it's not just the number of words in a focus group recording that make focus groups difficult to transcribe. Rather, the heavy crosstalk combined with the all-too-common presence of food eating and paper shuffling during focus groups presents a significant challenge. 

If you're a focus group moderator, you may be wondering what you can do on your end to improve the quality of your transcripts. Other than selecting a living-wage, 100% U.S.-based transcription service that proofreads your transcripts against the audio like 1-888-TYPE-IT-UP does, we always recommend instructing respondents to speak one at a time, and if they can, state their name each time they speak to ensure accurate speaker identification. If possible, we recommend selecting a quiet room with good acoustics, low echo and no background noise and using a high-quality microphone and digital recorder. If speaker identification is necessary, not only do we recommend that all speakers state their name each time they speak, but filming your focus groups can dramatically enhance the quality of your transcripts as well.

Given the difficulty of transcribing focus groups, selecting a transcription provider that will produce a quality product for you or your client can prove immensely challenging for you too. At 1-888-TYPE-IT-UP we've worked with countless universities, non-profits, marketing and advertising agencies as well as market research firms who depend on us for focus group transcripts they can trust.

If you've ordered a focus group transcript from another transcription company only to be horrified by the final product, you've come to the right place. Our premium-quality transcription service offers the word-for-word proofreading against the audio that your focus groups demand. While other transcription services merely proofread for punctuation and spelling errors, we understand that the most serious inaccuracies in a transcript can only be found by having a second person re-listen to a recording in full, word for word, against the transcript.

If you have long-term, recurring focus group transcription needs, or even if you just have one focus group you need transcribed in a pinch, give us a call at 1-888-TYPE-IT-UP today. If you're in a hurry, our Get Started page makes it easy for you to place your order in just 60 seconds.

We look forward to transcribing your focus groups!

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