1-888-TYPE-IT-UP is unique in that we are the only transcription company to offer three levels of transcription service: Draft, Premium and Ultra. More importantly, we are one of the only transcription services to disclose the quality of transcription we deliver. Other transcription companies sell only one level of service -- draft transcripts -- without disclosing that their transcripts are draft-quality only.


At 1-888-TYPE-IT-UP our focus is on premium-quality transcription, but we offer draft transcripts comparable to other transcription companies too. In fact, our draft transcripts are just as popular as our premium transcripts are. We've had countless clients report that our draft transcripts worked very well for them, and they've even told us in many cases that our draft transcripts surpassed the quality they received from other transcription companies.

Depending on your specific needs, rough-draft transcription may be suitable for you just like it is for many of our clients. Draft transcripts are the undisclosed norm in the transcription industry, but we were the first to pioneer the disclosure of that difference. With draft transcripts, we receive your recordings and assign them to our transcriptionists; we then deliver the transcripts to you upon completion.

Do any of the following characteristics describe your transcription needs?

  • I am looking for transcripts comparable to other transcription companies' services.
  • Fastest possible turnaround is paramount.
  • Reducing cost as much as possible is critical.
  • My recordings involve good-quality, clear audio with one to three speakers.
  • My transcripts are for personal / internal needs only, and external publishing will not occur.

If one or more of the above characteristics describes your transcription needs, it's a safe bet that draft transcription is perfect for you.

Still not convinced? Request a free trial at the draft transcription level so you can assess what will work best.

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