At 1-888-TYPE-IT-UP we have grown into being so much more than your average transcription company. While many transcription companies still don't offer closed captioning services, we are here to fill that void and be the one-stop shop for all your transcription and closed captioning needs.

But how do you know if 1-888-TYPE-IT-UP is right for you? Well, if you've ever watched a video, film or television show and witnessed what we like to call "Caption Fail," you know just how important accurate closed captioning services are. Closed captioning inaccuracies can prove even more damaging than transcription errors in a standard Word document. Regular transcripts often serve personal, internal or research needs, but closed captioning is almost always for public viewing with the intent to reach a larger audience. Not only do closed captioning errors miscommunicate your message to your audience, but they also completely jeopardize your credibility and your reputation.

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In an endless war to offer the lowest price, closed captioning companies often take every shortcut possible, from sending closed captioning work overseas to paying U.S.-based captionists less than minimum wage. The results are always the same -- underpaid staff is far less likely to spend the necessary time accurately captioning your videos, and those whose first language is not English understandably make errors too. Even if these situations are not the case, the most important step of all -- what we call audio auditing -- almost never occurs. At 1-888-TYPE-IT-UP we firmly believe that every transcript and caption file should be re-listened to word for word against the audio or video. Mere proofreading for spelling, grammar and punctuation can't possibly catch the errors that can infuse unintentional comedy into your video captions. That's why nearly all of our clients are those who were unhappy with the quality of work they received from other transcription and closed captioning companies. In addition, many of our closed captioning clients are those who first tried alternatives such as YouTube's automatic captions, only to be horrified by the results. At 1-888-TYPE-IT-UP we offer premium-quality closed captions for YouTube videos in .SBV and .SRT format, but we also offer many more closed captioning output formats that many closed captioning services don't support. Below is a rundown of all of the closed captioning output formats we offer.

web caption formats

.CAP - common caption format for broadcast media, developed by Cheetah International

.CPTXML - captions for Captionate to encode into Flash video

.DFXP.XML - Flash video

.PPT.XML - Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation file

.QT.TXT - QuickTime audio or video

.QTXML - QuickTime XML

.RT - RealText captions for RealMedia audio or video

.SBV - SubViewer captions for YouTube

.SMI - SAMI captions for Windows Media audio or video

.SRT - captions for SubRip. Also used for YouTube

.SRT (Facebook) - captions for Facebook audio or video

.VTT (WebVTT) - HTML5 audio or video

.WMP.TXT - captions for Windows Media audio or video

smpte caption formats

.AvidDS.TXT - Avid

.ADBE - Adobe Encore


.SCC - Scenarist Closed Captions for broadcast video, Web video, DVDs, VHS videos, and iOS for iPad, iPhone, iPod

.SCC - Scenarist Closed Captions for iTunes

.STL - DVD subtitles for DVD Studio Pro


.XML - Amazon SMPTE-TT

.XML - Netflix SMPTE-TT

In addition to delivering the closed captioning output formats above, we are also happy to provide a text-document transcript in plain text (.txt), Word (.doc), Word with time stamps (.doc), HTML or PDF format with your closed captioning order. Unlike other transcription and closed captioning services, we can also produce a JSON transcript (.json), JS transcript (.js), P3 transcript (.tpm), and/or Cloud transcript (.cloud). 

We also offer caption encoding for all of the following device profiles:

captioning services.png
  • Source Settings (original target width and original overall bit rate)
  • Apple TV - 1280 px | 5000 kb/sec
  • iPad - 1280 px | 3000 kb/sec
  • Android - 1280 px | 2000 kb/sec
  • iPhone 5 - 1136 px | 3000 kb/sec
  • iPhone 4 - 960 px | 3000 kb/sec
  • Standard - 640 px | 1500 kb/sec
  • iPhone 3 - 480 px | 1000 kb/sec
  • iPod - 320 px | 768/sec
  • Source with Open Captions (original target width and original overall bit rate)

Our easy ordering page makes it possible to select the formats you need, and you are always welcome to send us files via Box, Dropbox, Hightail, Google Drive or any other file-sharing service you prefer. Our goal is to make closed captioning your content an easy process, so there's never any hassle with setting up or using a special account like other closed captioning services typically enforce. 

Contact us today at 1-888-TYPE-IT-UP (1-888-897-3488) to find out how we can help. With 508 compliance in effect, you can't afford not to caption your video content, and we would love the opportunity to make closed captioning as painless as possible for you.

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