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At 1-888-TYPE-IT-UP we understand every client is unique just like every transcript is. That's why our transcription rates best other transcription services by allowing you to make our pricing work for you.

Unlike other transcription services we offer three levels of service: Draft, Premium and Ultra. While it may be impossible to satisfy everyone, our unique three-tier approach has allowed us to cater to a variety of clients, from billion-dollar corporations to financially-strapped college students.

Our three-tier transcription rates acknowledge that everyone has different abilities to pay and everyone has different needs and purposes for their transcripts.

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For the budget-conscious, our draft transcripts offer one-pass draft transcription comparable to other transcription companies' services. Like our competitors, draft transcripts offer 98 percent accuracy with professionally recorded audio involving one to two speakers. Accuracy rates may be lower if audio quality is poor and/or your recordings involve three or more speakers. With draft transcripts, one hour of audio typically requires a full workday (eight hours) to transcribe. 

Why choose our affordable draft transcripts over our competitors'? We transcribe exclusively in the United States, allowing for higher accuracy rates even at the draft level.

For high-performance professionals, our premium and ultra transcripts deliver the highest-quality product unavailable from other transcription companies. In fact, nearly all of our clients are those who were unhappy and frustrated with the poor quality of work they received from other transcription services.

Premium transcripts guarantee 99 percent accuracy, and ultra transcripts guarantee 99.9 percent accuracy. With poor or difficult audio, less than 99 to 99.9 percent of your recordings may be audible, but our premium and ultra transcription services offer free re-reviews even in cases of difficult-audio quality. Our competitors only provide free re-reviews with good-quality audio, but our premium and ultra transcripts provide the peace of mind you need for your most important projects.

With premium transcripts, one hour of audio typically requires a full workday (eight hours) to transcribe and a half workday (four hours) to proofread word for word against the audio. With ultra transcripts, one hour of audio requires a full workday (eight hours) to transcribe, a half workday (four hours) to proofread word for word against the audio and another half workday (four hours) to proofread against the audio a second time. 

Our flexible, three-tier pricing is part of our commitment to making our service fully customizable by the client, a commitment we take very seriously by offering more special features, turnaround times and time code options than any other transcription company. Below is a preview of all of the customizable options we offer.


One Week

48 Hours

24 Hours

Fastest*: Call for Rates

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Our fastest transcription service delivers your transcripts same day, on holidays and even overnight.

Please contact us via live chat, email or phone for a turnaround and price estimate for our fastest service.



Bold/Unbold Format: No Additional Charge!

2-Speaker Identification: + $0.25 per minute

3+ Speaker Identification: + $1 per minute

CD / DVD Extraction: + $0.50 per minute

Certification: Premium/Ultra Only + $1/min

Closed Captioning: See Rates Above

Crew Omission: No Additional Charge!

Dial-In Recording: + $1 per minute

Difficult Audio: Call for Rates

EHR / EMR: Premium/Ultra Only + $1/min

Excel Format: Premium/Ultra Only + $1/min

Gender Identification: + $0.25 per minute

Interviewer Omission: No Additional Charge!

On-Screen Text Transcription: Call for Rates

Paper Copies: Call for Rates

Scene Descriptions: Call for Rates

Secure Stream^: Premium/Ultra Only + $1/min

True Verbatim (uhs, ums): 50% additional

Video^^: No Additional Charge!

Other Special Formatting: Contact Us!


Every 10 Seconds: + $6 per minute

Every 15 Seconds: + $4 per minute

Every 20 Seconds: + $3 per minute

Every 30 Seconds: + $2 per minute

Every 1 Minute: + $1 per minute

Every 2 Minutes: + $0.50 per minute

Every 3 Minutes: + $0.50 per minute

Every 4 Minutes: + $0.50 per minute

Every 5 Minutes: + $0.50 per minute

Every 10 Minutes: + $0.50 per minute

Every 15 Minutes: + $0.50 per minute


Above prices are for elapsed time code, which starts at 0:00:00.0. 

Burnt-in (visible on screen) time code is an additional $0.50 per minute added to the interval charge above. 

Unlike many other transcription companies, we also offer linear (audible) time code and embedded (metadata) time code, both of which cost an additional $1 per minute added to the interval charge above.

*Our fastest transcription service offers same-day, holiday and even overnight turnaround. Unlike other transcription services, we do not have a cut-off time for our fastest service.

^Unlike other transcription services, we transcribe WebEx files, BrightTALK streams, Wistia streams, county/city/state government audio/video streams and other streams on secure sites that block software capture. The secure stream recording surcharge does not apply to videos on YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

^^Unlike other transcription companies that typically convert video files to MP3s prior to assigning them to their transcriptionists, we transcribe directly from the video, which results in higher quality and accuracy through visibility of on-screen text and graphics, increased contextual understanding and verifiable speaker identification.

Is there a minimum charge?  

We are more than happy to transcribe short files. Like many other transcription companies, our accounting system bills in five-minute increments with a weekday minimum charge of 15 recorded minutes per file or $50 per file, whichever is greater. For weekend orders we bill in five-minute increments with a weekend minimum charge of 15 recorded minutes per file or $100 per file, whichever is greater. This accounts for the time required for downloading your audio or video, assigning and uploading the file to the transcriptionist, setting up the transcript document, transcribing the file, assigning the resulting transcript to a transcript editor, editing the file, invoicing the file and delivering the transcript to you upon completion.


Budget Notes: $3 per minute

Live Notes (Remote/Off-Site): $5 per minute

Live Notes (On-Site): Call for Rates

Copywriting: $0.20 to $1 per word

Editing: $0.06 to $0.15 per word

Proofreading: $0.02 to $0.05 per word

Mandarin Transcription: $15 per minute

Mandarin Audio/Video Translation: $20 per minute

Mandarin Document Translation: $0.60 per word

Spanish Transcription: $6 per minute

Spanish Audio/Video Translation: Call for Rates

Spanish Document Translation: $35 per 350-word page

Text-to-Text Transcription: $6 per page

What are your customer support hours?

Our business hours are 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. EDT,
but we always have a manager (not an answering service!)
ready to answer your call after business hours.

We pride ourselves on offering 24/7/365 support
that ensures we reach anyone
who needs a transcription company
that's crazy about quality service.