1-888-TYPE-IT-UP's premium-quality transcription services rival those of traditional competitors. Not only are our transcriptionists 100% U.S.-based but we also don't rely on our native English speakers and all-American staff as an excuse not to check our work. Unlike other transcription companies that simply assign your recordings to their transcriptionists and then deliver the work to you, we re-listen to every recording in full. We never simply "proofread" for formatting, punctuation, or spelling errors, and we don't depend on mere spotchecks as assurances of quality. At 1-888-TYPE-IT-UP we know that transcription errors can only be found through a full re-listen of each and every file, and we're willing to spend the extra four labor hours per audio hour necessary for such detail-oriented work. Our two-pass system delivers not only premium quality but consistent quality, as we never count on our transcriptionists to be simply having a good day. Moreover, we guarantee accuracy even in cases of difficult or poor audio. Our competitors' accuracy guarantees are non-existent or mostly good for nothing, making us the obvious choice for your transcription needs. Put simply, if you care about your transcription quality, you've come to the right place.


508 compliance has given birth to a growing need for high-quality closed captioning of video content. Unlike many transcription companies that don't offer closed captioning services, 1-888-TYPE-IT-UP's closed captioning services fill the service gap you may encounter with other providers. We can deliver your captions in just about any captioning format, including .ADBE, .AvidDS, .CPTXML, .DFXP.XML, .PPT.XML, .QT.TXT, .RT, .SBV, .SCC for iOS (iPad, iPhone and iPod), .SCC for iTunes, .SMI, .SRT, .STL, .VTT (WebVTT), and .WMP.TXT. You can request your captions in multiple formats, and we can deliver a traditional Word document, a timestamped Word document, Cloud format (.cloud), JS transcript (.js), JSON transcript (.json), P3 transcript (.tpm), plain text (.txt), HTML or PDF transcript along with your captions.


1-888-TYPE-IT-UP bridges the service gap left by transcription companies who only offer audio transcription and translation companies who only provide document translation. Translating audio is far more difficult than translating printed text, and finding a reliable audio translation provider can be more challenging than you would expect. Let 1-888-TYPE-IT-UP take the guesswork out of your next audio translation project. We understand the importance of conveying the true meaning of what was said in another language, and we offer both one-pass and two-pass translations to meet varying needs for both accuracy and cost efficiency.


While accurate real-time transcription may not be humanly possible, our live note-taking services are the solution to your immediate information needs. Do you have a conference call, Google Hangout, live audio or video stream, or some other meeting coming up? Our 100% U.S.-based live note takers can silently join your sessions and deliver live notes immediately upon interview or meeting completion.


With transcription services, we transcribe exactly what's said, regardless of speakers' grammar, but our editing and proofreading services can fine-tune your writing or go so far as to re-write your content altogether. Our editing and proofreading services support American English, British English and more. With 1-888-TYPE-IT-UP there's no need to spend time editing and proofreading your own work when one of our professional, 100% U.S.-based editors can share his or her writing talent by transforming your words into compelling, engaging content.


With transcription, captioning, note taking, editing and proofreading, you may have had a hand in creating your content, but our copywriting services deliver what you need completely from scratch. At 1-888-TYPE-IT-UP our premium-quality work extends to writing original content too, ensuring we bring your ideas to life in every way possible.

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